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Tips For Beautiful Body And Free Of Disease

It's no secret that women always want to look pretty healthy healthy, especially for the body and face. To obtain it,

Women usually will not take care of care both at home and in the salon. Here are tips you can do to maintain and care for your body skin.

1. Bath

This one activity also turns out to be the most effective body treatment. With a bath twice a day using soap of course, it turns out we've done the most simple body treatment. Because bathing using soap effectively lift the dust, sweat, and dirt on the body.

2. Use scrubs or scrubs

Try as long as true take the time to use scrub or scrub regularly. Using scrubs on a regular basis is very effective lifting dead skin cells and also dirt that is difficult to lose with soap. Not only that, scrub can also make the skin of the body look clean, soft, and also fragrant. Choose a scrub or scrub made from natural and small and soft grains.

3. Change clothes every day

One effort to treat hygiene and skin health is to buy clothes every day, both in and out. This is so that bacteria, dirt, and sweat attached to your clothes do not join in the skin. This is important for you to avoid skin diseases caused by fungi such as panu, kadas, and ringworm

4. Use of lasi (skin moisturizer)

To keep skin moist or not dry or scaly, you should apply lotion to the entire body. With the dry weather, this lotion is very important to protect you from the sun, for those of you who like to move outdoors

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